Visit the most haunted cities on the planet

Creepy apparitions, sinister spirits, deadly demons, and gruesome ghosts are being reported all over the world, and scare fans are eagerly venturing to seek out such spooky enticements with supernatural beings. From the Americas and Europe to the swathes of Australasia, it seems no nation is safe from the hauntings of dead and dread demonic presences. Spectators looking for ghosts have an eerie sphere to sate their superstitions as tales recount strange encounters and ghostly sightings in these several spectacular haunted cities around the world.

ten San Antonio, TX

Fans of the weird and mysterious will enjoy exploring the petrifying grounds of San Fernando Cathedral, which are said to be disturbed by spooky spirits and supernatural shadow figures at night. Locals and visitors to the property often tell tales of gruesome humanoid figures dressed in black and the ghosts of ghoulish monks in dark hoods.

9 Changi Beach, Singapore

It’s unsettling to think that such a haunted place is right next to a beautiful beach, and that’s exactly the case at Singapore’s Old Changi Hospital. The creepy building was once used to hold 50,000 Allied prisoners during World War II, who were treated horribly, according to documentation of alleged incidents and witnesses. Even today, many frightened visitors claim to hear the echoing cries of victims in and around the crawling area.

8 Canberra, Australia

Canberra’s old parliament is a spooky melting pot of the supernatural, offering spine-chilling ghost tours where brave seekers of the anomalous can learn about Australia’s former prime ministers, as well as hunt their wandering ghosts through the halls claims. Additionally, the city’s Kurrajong Hotel is also said to be haunted by Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who died of a fatal heart attack in 1951.

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seven New Orleans, Louisiana

The past of this bustling Louisiana city is tragic and violent in nature, and anyone familiar with its nightmarish history will tell visitors of the horrific yellow fever epidemics, ferocious fires and horrific massacres born of racial conflict. Today, the spirit of the entire city is filled with ghost stories and voodoo history, and Jackson Square in the French Quarter is where it is particularly prolific.

Locals and tourists alike regularly claim to hear the sounds of the dead echo through the square. However, if that’s not enough to give the creeps, then checking out LaLaurie Mansion – the home of the infamous Madame LaLaurie who is one of history’s most cruel serial killers – just might do the trick. .

6 Sighisoara, Romania

As the birthplace of many ghost stories and many haunted attractions, Romania is no stranger to the spooky. Notably, the historic Transylvanian town of Sighisoara, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, spawned Vlad the Impaler – the relentless prince of Wallachia who inspired Bram Stoker to write his iconic Dracula novel. Fans of the author and all things Dracula have the unique opportunity to visit his spooky house, which oddly features a small torture museum that sends even more ghosts behind curious visitors. Another dark attraction accessible to fear-obsessed guests is the creaking stairwell of Holy Trinity Church, which, after dark, is the ultimate eerie place that only the bravest can defy.

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5 London, England

The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are among the most famous and popular landmarks in London, and at the same time, they are also two of the most haunted in the city. Both of these world famous historic attractions are said to be haunted by the ghosts of past royalty, as well as the spirits of monks. Once ghost hunters have had their fill of scares in these two London highlights, they should head to the eerie Highgate Cemetery – legend has it that a vampire lurks in the shadows of nearby Swain’s Lane .

4 Edinburgh, Scotland

Brimming with fascinating yet disturbing history, Edinburgh is home to many haunted establishments and ghostly monuments. Among the most gruesome is Edinburgh Castle which, according to superstition and its gruesome history, hosts ghostly apparitions and tortured souls. Once they’ve braved the castle archetype, hunters of the supernatural can get another dose of ghost at the Real Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh’s eerie basement, where hapless victims of the Black Death were sent to be put in quarantine and ultimately left for dead.

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3 Baguio, Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of superstition, and many Filipinos are true believers in the supernatural – part of their fascinating and rich culture in many parts of this beautiful nation of over 7,000 islands. In particular, Baguio City’s Diplomat Hotel is one of the most famous and popular attractions in this archipelago country, where World War II casualties – who supposedly haunt the building – suffered d horrific war crimes. Another notorious and seemingly haunted location is the pretty but creepy Laperal White House, with its own gruesome history.

2 Island of Poveglia, Venice, Italy

Famous for its Venetian masks, beautiful floating markets and deep arts scene, Venice is a popular tourist trap that attracts those seeking a uniquely European culture. But what many travelers don’t know is that it’s also a ghost-hunting hotspot, with one of the most popular in the area being the island of Poveglia – which has been dubbed a most haunted place in the world by many brave souls. The abandoned island once served as a quarantine station for plague victims who were exiled from society, and also includes a creepy lunatic asylum said to be home to tormented ghosts and spirits.

1 Prague, Czech Republic

The beautiful historic streets of Prague may seem enchanting, but behind the city’s veil of charm lurks, according to eyewitnesses and superstitious locals, a wandering population of lurking ghosts. Liliova Street in particular is one of Prague’s notorious haunted streets, where the Headless Templar is known to appear. And, those brave enough to explore Houska Castle – dubbed the Czech Republic’s “Gates to Hell” – can even hear the crippling cries of deadly demons.

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