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HUBBALLI: The villagers of Varur of Dharwad have joined forces to restore a 500-year-old temple that has been in decay for decades. As part of World Heritage Week 2021, the villagers have completed the partial restoration of the temple which stands in the middle of the village of Varur.

The site is located about 18 km from downtown Hubballi and the villagers are now calling on the government to step in and restore the temple to its original glory.

The temple has a deity of Siddarameshwara and has unique pillars in the middle of the temple. For years the temple premises have been used as a storage place for agricultural products and other grains, but now the temple is returning to its old form, thanks to the work of the villagers.

Pavan Miskin, a social activist and resident of Varur village, said the villagers asked the Panchayat to appoint a committee to undertake restoration work on the Siddarameshwara temple. “For a very long time, the magnificent temple was neglected by the authorities and the villagers. There are several stone inscriptions that have fallen in different sites around the temple. We ask the authorities to recover and restore them in the area of ​​the temple. temple. We are also asking for a secure compound for the temple, ”he said.

The temple is located just behind the Panchayat office. Last week, a team of villagers started cleaning up and removing weeds that grew around the temple. The pillars of the temple were also cleaned. The villagers say that there are several monuments and sculptures lying unattended and that the government must restore them to ensure the preservation of the heritage of this village.

“The village is close to a town center and many families are involved in thriving agriculture. The village is famous for its agricultural products and also its proximity to Hubballi. But unfortunately the true history of this village is still unknown. If the authorities take steps to decode the stone inscriptions lying around the temple, parts of the history of this village can be traced, ”said a villager from Varur.

Swaminathan Natarajan, a history buff, pointed out that several temples and monuments in northern Karnataka require urgent attention. “A number of beautiful sculptures, inscriptions and monuments lie unattended in the districts of Dharwad, Davanagere and Haveri. The government must take measures to document them and also restore them, ”he suggested.

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