UNESCO announces start of restoration of 10,000 homes in Old Sana’a

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced on Saturday the start of a new phase of its joint project with the European Union to restore the archaeological and historical houses of the old city of World Heritage-listed Sana’a, which was recently damaged. due to the growing problems of climate change.

The UNESCO statement says the joint project will be implemented based on a comprehensive damage assessment of 10,000 historic houses in Old Sanaa, which was conducted in 2021.

The organization added that the project will open employment opportunities to thousands of young people in Yemen through cash-for-work programs. Over the past four years, 213 buildings in Old Sana’a have been renovated with the support of a joint UNESCO-EU project, the organization said.

Since last month, Sanaa and several provinces in Yemen have experienced unprecedented torrential rains, causing torrential rains and floods that have killed dozens of people and damaged nearly 500 homes in old Sanaa.

UNESCO inscribed Old Sana’a on the World Heritage List in 1986, but due to the increased risk in the city due to declining national conservation efforts in 2015, the organization decided to move the city to the Danger List. a step that usually precedes the removal of a city from the World Heritage List, unless national authorities work to correct the violations.

UNESCO is also concerned about the impact of recent floods and floods on the livelihoods of local communities in Yemen. “UNESCO is closely monitoring the situation in historic cities, especially those inscribed on the World Heritage List, including the Old City of Sana’a, the Historic City of Zabid and the Ancient City of Shibam,” the report said. communicated.

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