Tripseed continues to define progressive social sustainability in Thailand travel

Tripseed delivers on its promise of inclusivity with the new range of accessible travel.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Tripseed, an innovative Thailand-based tour operator and distributor, has launched a range of accessible travel programs and experiences to make visiting the country more inclusive than ever. The company’s unique new product line offers specially designed and exclusive tours suitable for elderly and disabled travellers. Developing these products and experiences will help people with disabilities overcome barriers to travel and is part of Tripseed’s mission to improve travel and make the industry a much more equitable, diverse and inclusive environment.

With exclusive new products from Tripseed designed from the ground up to provide an experience without compromise, Tripseed is revolutionizing the way people with disabilities can explore this beautiful land. “We are committed to developing travel in a direction that is open and welcoming to all”, says Tripseed founder Ewan Cluckie. “Tripseed has always been about breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities.”

Tripseed’s offerings for accessible travel in Thailand go far beyond simply identifying wheelchair-friendly accommodations. Extensive accessibility audits have been conducted at properties, visitor locations and transportation – to assess everything from ramp inclines, grab bar availability, maneuverability clearance and many other important aspects , to advise agents and partners on the most appropriate travel options based on the level of assistance required.

Tripseed said this detailed accessibility data is available on request to its international partners, starting today. “It’s important to us to give Tripseed’s partners a first-mover advantage to repay the trust and support they’ve given us thus far, and so we’ll be putting all of our accessibility information, training and consultation available to them privately during our initial launch period, before making more details publicly available at a later date.” said Cluckie.

Beyond physical disabilities, Tripseed also offers specialist guides trained in American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL) and Thai Sign Language (TSL and MSTSL)as well as trained guides to assist with any other audio-visual disabilities.

In addition to the accessibility audit of Tripseed’s existing travel products, the company also announced an all-new selection of experiences designed from the ground up to deliver accessible, no-compromise variations on top-selling tours. Travelers can now enjoy an exciting Bangkok city tour by day or an evening street food experience in a fully electric Tuk-Tuk, specially equipped with an integrated wheelchair ramp and system. unique wheelchair restraint, an industry first. Tripseed has also worked hard to ensure that the route of the tour also offers accessibility, so that travelers are not faced with difficult pavements at each stop.

Travelers can also choose to enjoy a snorkel or dive experience alongside a fully certified Disabled Divers International Dive Master, or a private tour through 200 acres of botanical gardens in a fully accessibility-equipped vehicle , plus many other specially designed accessible tour options. The majority of these experiences will be made available exclusively through Tripseed and their global travel industry partners.

Additionally, Tripseed has carefully considered accessibility requirements beyond the travelers themselves, and they have prioritized further development on their website, which has seen them become more than 2x more WCAG 2.1 compliant than their closest competitor in the Asian DMC landscape, and over 8 times more accessible. than the average Asia-based DMC website. There are currently no known ADA-compliant websites in Thailand’s major DMCs, and Tripseed is confident that it will be the first and only Thai land operator to meet ADA compliance standards.

The size of the potential market for accessible travel should not be underestimated. The Harris Poll and Open Doors organization reported that the U.S. disability travel market alone was worth US$58.7 billion during the 2-year period of 2018-2019, with figures based solely on the expenditure of disabled travelers themselves. Realistic estimates put this figure at almost double considering that most travelers with disabilities will travel with friends, family or other forms of support. With 15% of the world’s population living with some form of disability and an aging global population, Tripseed believes that providing inclusive access to global travel is more important than ever and critical to achieving the goals United Nations Sustainable Development.

Tripseed hopes to deepen discussions and engagement around social sustainability practices as they continue to set new standards, and they look forward to working with like-minded companies that aim to deliver tangible market differentiation, bringing valuable expertise and knowledge to their customers’ holidays that cannot be found elsewhere.

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