Total lockdown, traders want weekend curfew revoked

On the second day of the weekend curfew in Mysuru and surrounding areas, commercial and industrial establishments remained closed and people were generally following government guidelines.

Markets remained closed while the public transport system had a skeletal presence. As announced by the government, only establishments falling under the essential category such as pharmacies and grocery stores, hospitals and clinics, dairies, etc., were opened and other offices were closed. Although it was a Sunday and the markets tended to be flooded at night, it was not and people stayed indoors or preferred to go out only in case of urgent need.

Meanwhile, there is growing opposition to the weekend curfew, and the decision has once again been criticized by some stakeholders over its effectiveness in preventing the spread of the pandemic.

Sudhakar Shetty of the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation called on the government to reverse the weekend curfew ordinance, although he wanted restrictions in place for jathras, festivals and mass gatherings.

He said the weekend curfew was pushing the economically vulnerable section, including daily bets, hotel workers, tour guides, motorists, and more, to the brink.

The public treasury will also be affected by such frequent shutdowns of businesses and industries, he said and suggested he be dismissed and instead called for a crackdown on public services and mass gatherings on top of that. ensure that the wearing of masks and the use of disinfectants were compulsory. “We have witnessed how the mass rallies led to an increase in COVID-19 cases during the first and second waves,” Mr. Shetty said. He also called for restrictions on political gatherings.

Small-scale industrial units were also strained by the weekend curfew and the industry was barely recovering from the first two waves of the pandemic. ISS are the biggest job generators in the country and the weekend curfew will impact their ability to pay workers, cascading negative impact on the economy, according to Shetty. Similar views were expressed by stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry who wanted weekend curfew orders to be overturned from next week.

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