This is why Taweret was chosen as the guide to the afterlife in Moon Knight

Speaking to Screen Rant, ‘Moon Knight’ producer Grant Curtis revealed that many potential divine guides were being considered to help Marc and Steven on their journey, but in the end, there was only one. only Taweret. “Very early in the process, we had a poster in the hall of all the Egyptian gods,” Curtis said, recalling the early days before Oscar Isaac gave us his signature English accent. “There was one we fell in love with early on, and that was Taweret, that hippopotamus goddess. We kept pointing fingers at her. “I want to know her story. I want to spend more time with her.”

But while the winning choice of the Egyptian gods had been confirmed, the accompanying voice assured that the right choice had been made thanks to Antonia Salib. “It was really falling in love with this character and her bubbly personality on the page. Then once Antonia came on board, we fell in love with her all over again. She continued to be the leader of this journey through the Duat that we wanted to go with.”

Thanks to this care, Taweret has become more than just a comforting secondary character, especially after finding an avatar in Layla (Maya Calamawy). With that in mind, and with a return to the world of “Moon Knight” yet to be confirmed, we can only hope this isn’t the last journey Taweret will end up taking us on.

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