An exhibit on Kapuskasing and its mill has been created at the New York Times newspaper museum. Curator David Dunlap says he was fascinated by the relationship and history between Kapuskasing and the Times from when the paper co-owned the plant with Kimberly Clark. He adds that the exhibit includes a number of photos published in a book from the 1930s.

“An overall aerial view of the city and another is an overall aerial view of the stationery itself,” he said. “And then there’s also a large photo showing the arrival of the Spruce Falls Paper on West 43rd Street.”

Dunlap says that due to the location of the offices, rolls of paper had to be dispatched daily to print the following days’ edition.

The New York Times and Kimberly Clark sold the plant to employees and Tembec in the early 1990s, but the newspaper continued to print on Kapuskasing newsprint until 2003.

The museum is closed to the public as it is located at 15and floor of the new offices, but private tours are available for those in the Kapuskasing area who want to see it.