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Tel Aviv skyline at night – Photo by Barak Brinker

By Mohamed Ali Bandial

Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2021, 12:57 PM

Last update: Thu Nov 18, 2021, 12:59 PM

The past year has undoubtedly been a defining milestone for regional travel to the Middle East. For tourists and businessmen in the region and beyond, the Abrahamic Accords signed by the State of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain quickly transformed our corner of the world as we know it. The launch of direct flights by several airlines promises a significant flow of tourists between the two countries, allowing free travel between the most dynamic cultural, technological and investment hubs of the Middle East and across the geopolitical barriers that once prevented collaborations that change the world. between the brightest minds in the region.

Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel’s largest airport, is a three-hour flight from Abu Dhabi and 3.5 hours from Dubai. The airport is located just 20 minutes by taxi or train from downtown Tel Aviv, making the overall commute short and convenient – perfect for a vacation or city break!

On arrival in the city, one can choose from a range of accommodation, from small boutique hotels like Vera, Ink or the Norman, to a wide selection of Airbnb, including international names like Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental and more. Tel Aviv-Yafo is very accessible and most places are within walking distance or both by bicycle and scooter which can be hired on the busy streets. If you prefer, you can always opt for a car rental or an official taxi. Renowned local fashion designers, artists, jewelers and restaurateurs rub shoulders with historic and modern buildings, making every corner of the city a place to visit. Due to its proximity and central location in the country, Tel Aviv-Yafo really offers the perfect base for anyone visiting the country. Whether you are looking for the historic beauty of Akko, a desert getaway in the Ramon area, a relaxing and calming swim in the Dead Sea, the greenery and relaxation of Tiberias or the beautiful Bahai Gardens of Haifa – all are available in as day trips. from Tel-Aviv-Yafo. Local tour guides, speaking English and Arabic, will be happy to advise and accompany you to the best destinations in the land of Israel.

It is important to note that only 66 kilometers – a short drive or train ride – separate the innovation and culture of Tel Aviv-Yafo from the ancient history and religions of the holy city of Jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in the world, bringing together Islam. , Judaism and Christianity. The city has a rich history with holy places on every corner, colorful shuks, interesting museums and delicious restaurants. The two contrasting cities are complementary in nature, merging the old with the new and the religious with the secular, stretching back thousands of years. For a truly local and urban experience of Tel Aviv, you can head to Rothschild Boulevard, one of Tel Aviv’s first and most iconic streets. Locals and tourists alike love to stroll or cycle along this tree-lined avenue full of beer gardens, restaurants, cafes, and eclectic, Bauhaus-style buildings. The boulevard is also known as the city’s financial district and is a business hub for start-ups, multinationals, etc. At night it turns into a vibrant nightlife full of trendy restaurants. The famous boulevard and its surrounding streets are among the best places for an exceptional dinner. Dine alongside the movers and shakers of Tel Aviv at Cantina (Rothschild Blvd.), discover modern Israeli cuisine at Port Said (Har Sinai Street) or the Japanese-inspired establishment Herzl 16. For dessert, don’t miss the opportunity to have an ice cream or frozen yogurt while picking up a leaflet from the tourist office to follow the Independence Trail and discover the fascinating history of the region.

While exploring this area, be sure to take a few minutes to people-watch in HaBima Square, where you can listen to classical music from the famous Israeli Philharmonic, walk through the wooden bleachers in the square, or visit the art museum. modern adjacent. A natural extension and an integral part of the urban city, come the sandy beaches that stretch for 14 kilometers along the entire shore. With 300 days of pleasant, non-scorching sunshine a year, you won’t want to miss a visit to the award-winning beaches, which, due to the size of the city, are never more than a 15-minute walk away!

Old port of Jaffa - Photo by Guy Yechiely

Old port of Jaffa – Photo by Guy Yechiely

Further along the coast you’ll find Old Jaffa – Tel Aviv-Yafo’s most visited place, and number three in Israel overall – with its iconic clock tower, luxury hotels , its historic buildings (dating back several centuries), its delicious world – renowned Halal restaurants and beautiful old and modern mosques. Conveniently, all signs, street names and information materials are displayed in Hebrew, English and Arabic, making it user friendly for everyone. A short walk from the picturesque old town of Jaffa and the ancient clock tower is the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk HaPishpeshim), one of the city’s three main Shuks, where vendors sell antiques , second-hand and handmade items. The neighborhood is widely regarded as one of the trendiest places in Tel Aviv. As you stroll around you will discover a wide selection of casual cafes and bars, ideal for lunch. Sit down for a delicious meal at the iconic Café Puaa (where every piece of furniture is for sale!), Admire the art while dining at Beit Kandinof, or relax at the famous Abu-Hassan hummus restaurant.

In addition, Tel Aviv-Yafo is a perfect destination for sports fans. With its multiple private indoor gymnasiums including world famous clubs like CrossFit, Rebel1 and F45 and outdoor public gymnasiums, in parks and along the beach; running and cycling tracks throughout the city; sup (paddle board), sailing, windsurfing and surfing clubs scattered along the shore; and large-scale events like the night run and the marathon – The city has everything you need to burn those calories after that irresistible plate of hummus.

To conclude, whether you are passing through the Start-up city for business or pleasure (or both), whether you come alone, as a couple or as a family, we have an offer that is difficult to refuse. New visitors will soon discover why Tel Aviv-Yafo is often dubbed the city that never sleeps.

It’s time to book your flights and pack your bags. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and open hearts.

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