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8 Salesian vocational training centers make incubators for premature babies in Ukraine


(MissionNewswire) The Salesian Vocational Training Centers in Pamplona, ​​Spain, built 10 incubators for premature babies and provided them to the Ukraine SOS cluster, which is a group of associations and organizations that help support the Ukrainian people. Five of the incubators are sent to the Kyiv region, three to Zaporizhzhia and two to Mykolaiv.

The ongoing war in Ukraine is contributing to premature births and not everywhere is medically equipped to deal with it. The incubators, designed by Medicina Abierta al Mundo (Medicine Open to the World), were built by students of mechanics and electricity courses from eight Salesian vocational training centers. This is an ongoing project for the centers known as the “Incubators Saving Lives” project.

The SOS Ukraine Cluster contacted the Salesians in Pamplona after hearing about the project. He has ordered 50 incubators, and this 10 is the first shipment. A student said: “For us, it is a pleasure to work on the construction of these incubators for premature babies. We learn to work with new materials and we feel useful. It is very inspiring for all of us.

Lily Shyshkovska, representative of the association Alas de Ucrania (Ukrainian Wings), which is part of the SOS Ukraine Cluster, said: “Thank you to all the people who participate in this project. You are incredible. Even amidst so much evil in this world, thanks to you, faith in the goodness of human beings returns.

The “Incubators Saving Lives” project started last year and incubators have already been sent to places in Africa and America. Pablo Sánchez, a young engineer who helped design the incubators, said demand is high and comes from different places, so they will continue to produce them over the next academic year.

Many companies have shown interest in contributing materials or making small parts of the larger scale incubators. Mr Torres is providing 3D printing of small parts to complete the device and Moshy has donated the liners for the incubator mats. The banking company La Caixa is also involved through the FPDualiza initiative.

Salesian missionaries have worked for many years to provide educational and workforce development opportunities to poor youth and women in Spain through residential, technical and vocational training programs.

Nearly 32% of Spain’s young workers under 25 are unemployed and a growing number cannot afford enough food to live on. Poor youth with few employable skills have the most difficulty finding and keeping stable employment. Women in Spain face inequalities in the labor market. They earn up to 14% less than men and represent only 34.5% of those listed as the highest earners in Spain.



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