New Exhibition Shines Light on Life and Times of Anne Boleyn for Hever Castle Students | News & Ideas

The exhibit, which is set to run from March through November 2022, would explore the factors that shaped Anne’s character as well as the rise and fall of the Boleyn family.

Anne’s youth at Hever Castle in Kent will be traced with her relationship with her family, her upbringing in Hever, the Netherlands and France, with schools able to explore this through interactive and informative exhibits.

More details will be released later, with the possibility of more educational sessions focused on the anniversary and a new display soon to be developed. The entry price for each student includes entry to the exhibition.

Two best workshops for schools in Hever Castle

  • Time traveler visit and workshop (key steps 1 and 2): Students can imagine they are a 16th century nobleman living at Hever Castle while visiting King Henry VIII. What is happening? What can they see and smell? This castle tour is meant to explain all of this and more as you learn about the history of life in a castle during the Tudor era. Later, students then head to a designated classroom to learn all about life in the late Middle Ages and how different it could be for peasants and members of the royal family.
  • Visit and workshop of Romans (key step 2): Learn about Roman life on this open-air tour that uses Hever’s collection of ancient statues to unravel the quirks and intricacies of Imperial Rome. Located in the Italian-style gardens, this tour also includes a hands-on workshop, where working paper mosaics and aqueducts can be constructed to show how skillful and intelligent the ancient Romans were.

Teachers can choose to book a general open tour with worksheets provided, a private guided tour of the castle, or book a hands-on workshop. Discounted admission applies for school trips and student groups of 15 or more (for a fee), with a host of group benefits, extras, and packages to enjoy.

Dazzling Daffodils will take place from March 14-20 where a sea of ​​yellow invades the castle grounds and the tulip celebrations (April 19-24) will feature special varieties to watch out for and new areas planted. Free tours of the garden are also available, and many rooms in the castle will also be filled with flower arrangements.

Other annual events you shouldn’t miss include Hever in Bloom (June 20-26) and Autumn Color (October 1).

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