NaviTour introduces visitors from around the world to local experts across the state

PORTLAND — NaviTour has released its first version of a local tour guide, travel concierge and experience booking platform to help visitors and locals navigate Maine’s diverse landscape. It comes as tourism in Maine is at an all-time high, with visitors flocking to the state in search of connections and unique things to do.

“We have built an online tours and experiences platform unique in the tourism industry. This is because we focus directly on rural communities and individual guides. We are much more than a marketing service or booking, we are a platform designed for guides so they can focus on connecting with visitors and making a difference in how they experience the destination,” says Shay Bellas, CEO of NaviTour. With diversity and inclusion at the heart of our focus, we empower all experience creators to build their own brand, own their content and grow their business.NaviTour puts decades of expertise in tourism, in business development and marketing serving small independent guides and other experience providers. We currently have 60 guides and experience providers on our platform, and we are con will continue to evolve, adding more every week. By providing these local experts with this much-needed platform and using their expertise to continue building it, we should be able to scale the business quickly. We plan to offer experiences throughout New England over the next 12 months and nationally within a few years.

“NaviTour’s focus on rural communities will help boost tourism in some of the lesser-known areas of the state and spread the love of congested ‘tourist traps’ to make visiting Maine a better experience.” for everyone,” says Pam Hurley-Moser, EVP of Strategic Partnerships. “By offering independent experience providers the opportunity to move from best-kept secret to accessibility for travelers from around the world, it will help increase the number of visitors to these areas and hopefully extend the tourist season. .”

“NaviTour brings together many components on a single platform,” says Jacob Pelkey, tourism developer with the Northern Maine Development Commission in Près Isle. “NaviTour’s focused vision for offerings helps the visitor navigate rural destinations by highlighting and bringing options directly to the visitor’s fingertips. Unfortunately, authentic tours and experiences are being swallowed up by the destination marketing of lodging, commercial cruises and tourist traps. The visitor only gets a small overview of all the interesting offers in our region, because not every company chooses or can afford to advertise in publications. Plus, if they don’t use the latest tools and update their marketing regularly, they quickly become outdated, untrustworthy, or too complicated for the customer to complete the sale.

Several NaviTour experiences are available to book now at, and they invite all experience providers to apply for a FREE profile and listings.

What the guides say:

Scott Stone, Freelance Tour Guide in Western Maine – “This is exactly what we need, this is something that will really help people here.”

Nicole Mokeme, Director of Rise and Shine Youth Retreat in South Portland – “I love that NaviTour builds something inclusive from the start. Being part of NaviTour will allow us to reach many more people than we could on our own. I am so excited to be part of this community.

NaviTour is a unique platform that connects travelers with wholesome, charming, authentic, exciting and empowering travel experiences from local experts who love to share the wonders of home. NaviTour provides space to organize the entire experience, from personalization to payment to customer feedback. By streamlining the support, sales and marketing process, experience providers can focus more on the relationship and the unique value they bring to the customer, destination and community.

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