Mackinac Island Demonstrates Definition of “Timeless”

Someone took 8mm images of Mackinac Island in 1971. After 52 years (at least), it’s still the same.

My first foray on Mackinac Island was when my father ventured out of the house with some of my family’s 8 children. probably to give my mom a break.

It was so traumatic for him and for us that we never took a family trip again. Never.

But despite the drawbacks, I have fond memories of this trip: the smells of the fudge being made, the smells generated by the horses, the bike rides around the island with my sisters and the guides wearing local clothes. era of the War of Independence. (Or was it the War of 1812? I forget.)

The film begins with the cameraman taking a ride on one of the horse-drawn carriages around the island. The only thing that would date the images are the 1970s clothing worn by visitors during the height of tourist season, in the middle of summer.

Later we get photos of the Arnold Line ferries entering the dock. Although there are hydrofoil ferries now, I think some of the old Arnold Line “slow boats” are still in operation.

There are great people watching the opportunities as you get a great shot of tourists from the ferry terminal. The first thought that crossed my mind was that most of these people are probably dead by now.

After two minutes, we find out that the cameraman is male, as he spends a long time scrutinizing a well-endowed tourist walking down the street. Around 4.30am, he also gets a quick photo of a few swimmers in bikinis.

And then there are a few photos of all the tourist stops on the island, the fudge shops, candle makers, Sugarloaf Mountain and, of course, Arch Rock. The cameraman seems to like watercraft as well as female tourists, as there are a few tight shots of sailboats in the harbor on the island.

Enjoy a trip to “Somewhere In Time” on Mackinac Island, in the style of the 70s.

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