Lumen Learning partners with Howard University to improve academic outcomes for students of color

WASHINGTONLight learninga leading provider of teaching and learning materials focused on improving student success, affordability and access, today announced a partnership with Howard University‘s Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment (CETLA) to develop courseware to increase the effectiveness and cultural relevance of Lumen’s solutions for Black students as well as Latinx, Indigenous, and low-income students across United States.

After previous successful engagements, Lumen Learning is partnering with Howard University in Washington, DC to learn from Howard’s rich history of success supporting black students. Howard is one of the nation’s leading historically black research universities and highly sought-after institutions for students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

Through this partnership, Howard faculty and CETLA staff are providing insights that will be critical to Lumen Learning as it develops equity-focused learning solutions for its new course and statistics platform. .

“Our partnership with Lumen Learning helps address learning experiences and environments for underrepresented students, with an intentional focus on students of color,” said Morris Thomas, Ph.D., Center Director excellence in teaching, learning and assessment. “I am confident that the insights we learn in partnership with Lumen will provide direction for the design of improved courseware leading to more equitable outcomes for underserved students who participate in bridging courses, such as Intro to Statistics. “

To date, Lumen has garnered wide and varied feedback on its courseware development process through its partnership with Howard, ranging from reviewing the actual functionality of the courseware and how faculty and students might use it, discussion of best practices to support teachers through the implementation of new teaching tools. Ideas from CETLA faculty and staff on how to create inclusive and student-friendly learning environments inform how Lumen designs specific features within the new platform. Working with CETLA has helped Lumen understand how it can build functionality to share timely information about student engagement in the course, simplifying the process of identifying students who might need additional support.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with renowned Howard University faculty and staff to create future courseware that will meet and exceed the educational needs of all students,” said Kim Thanos, co- founder and CEO of Lumen Learning. “Howard has long been at the forefront of creating learning experiences that engage and empower Black students, with inspiring results. Having Howard’s voice at the table is critical to guiding our design processes, creating solutions that integrate and build on Howard’s expertise. This is essential to our goal of improving outcomes for all students in key gateway courses and ultimately eliminating race and gender. income as predictors of student success.”

“Our partnership with Howard has provided us with tremendous insights that have helped us create courseware that will support unprecedented learning for all students,” said David Wiley, Ph.D., co-founder and director of studies at LumenLearning. “When we collaborate with students and faculty, incorporating their feedback into our courseware early in the design process, we greatly increase the likelihood of creating something that will help both faculty and students succeed.”

Lumen Learning recently received a major grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support their work in creating and implementing a new introductory statistics courseware that specifically focuses on eliminating race and income as predictors of student success. Lumen has partnered with minority-serving institutions across the United States. Lumen Learning works with Howard University faculty and CETLA staff, who provide guidance and direction for its course and statistics platform.

Additionally, Lumen Learning has partnered with Rockland Community College in New York and Santa Ana College in California to open student user testing centers on their campuses, allowing Lumen to gain valuable insights and work directly with the target student population to co-create relevant course materials. .

About Lumen Learning
Since 2012, Lumen Learning has partnered with colleges and universities to support innovation in teaching and learning with a focus on improving affordability, access and success students.

Lumen Waymaker and OHM digital courseware provide evidence-based learning design and data-driven content enhancements to increase student learning and engagement using open educational resources (OER).

Lumen Circles provide professional development for teachers to develop their skills and advance teaching practices. Grounded in research on how to increase student learning and success and delivered through virtual peer-to-peer learning groups, Lumen Circles provide a supportive framework for faculty to develop their teaching abilities in dynamic educational environments.

More than 500 institutions across the United States use Lumen-supported digital courseware for in-person, online, and blended courses. Materials created by Lumen are released under Creative Commons Attribution licenses and donated to the educational community. Learn more at and visit our course catalog at

About Howard University
Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private research university comprised of 14 schools and colleges. Students follow more than 140 study programs leading to undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. The University operates with a commitment to excellence in truth and service and has produced one Schwarzman Scholars, three Marshall Scholars, four Rhodes Scholars, 12 Truman Scholars, 25 Pickering Scholars, and more than 165 Fulbright recipients. Howard is also producing more African-American doctorates on campus. recipients than any other university in the United States. For more information about Howard University, visit

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