7 hiking trails in Louisiana

Here are some beautiful places to hike in Louisiana. Louisiana is home to many beautiful trails where you can get in touch and connect with nature, although hiking might not be your first choice.

Whatever your preference, Louisiana has plenty to offer.

As you walk around Louisiana, you’ll find beautiful beaches, lush bayous, and vast forests. Louisiana is often referred to as a “sports paradise”.

This list can help get your hikes started, whether you’re looking for a break from The Big Easy or to see the best of Louisiana wildlife and nature. Keep reading to discover some of Louisiana’s most popular hiking spots.

1)Fontainebleau State Park

Fontainebleau State Park sits on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. It offers some of the finest hiking in Louisiana. It’s only an hour’s drive from New Orleans, so it’s an easy day trip.

Fontainebleau State Park has a fascinating history. The site is the former location of a sugar refinery from 1829, built by Mandeville. Fontaineblue was named after a forest outside of Paris.

The 1.5 mile Sugar Mill nature trail takes you to the remains of the old mill. The Cane Bayou Trail is just over four miles long. It meanders through the swamp, passing alligators and other fascinating wildlife. You can combine the two trails using a common starting point.

After an intense day exploring the most beautiful hikes in Louisiana, take a break to admire the sunset from Fontainebleau beach. The beach offers a breathtaking view of Lake Pontchartrain.

2)Caroline Dorman Trail, Kisatchie National Forest

The Caroline Dorman Trail is 10 miles long and offers stunning views of the Kisatchie National Forest. It is also a popular hike in the state.

The trail’s creator is an environmentalist who worked to preserve the state’s natural resources and was the first woman in forestry. She also persuaded the government to protect and establish the Kisatchie National Forest.

Caroline Dorman Trail, also known as the Point-to-Point Trail, is a single track trail that begins and ends at different points. The trail can be walked in whole or in part. This is a great trail for camping in Louisiana. You can bring your tent and spend the night camping right next to Kisatchie Bayou.

3)Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, Barataria Reserve

The Jean Lafitte Reserve and National Historical Park is named after a French pirate who explored the Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th century. They have some of Louisiana’s finest natural beauty, fascinating wildlife, and wonderful hiking trails.

The Barataria Reserve comprises over 26,000 acres including swamps, bayous and wetlands. These can be explored using a network of short, connected wooden boardwalks and gravel nature trails. The popular Palmetto Bayou Coquille and Marsh Overlook trail combination is a popular hike.

A fascinating hike through lush nature where alligators hide underwater, more than 200 species of birds and a variety of flora await you. The Barataria Preserve offers some of Louisiana’s most breathtaking nature trails and is just 30 minutes from New Orleans. This makes it an ideal getaway from the bustling city.

4)Grand Isle State Park

Grand Isle State Park is a great place to hike along the Louisiana coast, located just 2 hours from New Orleans. Grand Isle State Park, steeped in pirate history, is an incredible place to hike and take in the beautiful coastal views.

Grand Isle is a great place for bird watching in Louisiana. Every year many species of migratory birds stop there. Take guided birding tours with the Migratory Bird Festival.

Grand Isle Birding and Nature Trail (two mile round trip) offers beautiful coastal views and plenty of wildlife sightings. You can also hike to the beach. This park is a nature lover’s paradise and one of the most scenic places to hike in Louisiana.

5)Wild Azalea Trail in Kisatchie National Forest

The Wild Azalea Trail is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a serious adventure. This trail travels 24 miles through the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana. The panoramic views are worth the detour.

Although the complete course lasts approximately 16 hours, it is possible to choose to do a small part or the complete course. The trail is best hiked between March and April as the wild azaleas, which give the trail its name, are in bloom.

The trail begins at the Valentine Lake Recreation Area outside of Alexandria. It takes hikers through various forested ecosystems before reaching Woodworth Town Hall. You can also sign up for the annual race to hike the trail, one of Louisiana’s longest hiking trails.

6)Lake Chicot State Park

Lake Chicot State Park, the largest park in Louisiana, is located in the state of Louisiana. Lake Chicot offers some of Louisiana’s most scenic scenery and is the best place to hike in Louisiana.

The Lake Chicot Loop Trail covers 24 miles and takes hikers on a journey around the lake. It crosses the forest, crosses the swampy waters, offers breathtaking views and meanders through the forest.

A visit to the Louisiana State Arboretum, located in the park, is an option for those looking for a shorter hike. The Arboretum offers 6 miles of easy trails and information on many plant species.

Many trails can be found at Lake Chicot State Park, which is suitable for all levels of experience. It’s a short drive from Lafayette and is one of the most popular places to hike in Louisiana.

seven)Poverty Point World Heritage Site

This archaeological park is a great place to hike in Louisiana. It is over 3000 years old. Poverty Point has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an honor that has been bestowed on the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu and Pompeii.

Poverty Point World Heritage Site preserves the remains of an ancient city, where earthworks were built. The site also contains a remarkable 72-foot mound which was an engineering marvel for its time. It is believed to have been a commercial hub as well as a ceremonial center.

The boardwalk trail, which stretches 2.6 miles around the earthworks as well as over the mounds, is one of the most beautiful hikes in Louisiana. This hike is a great way to explore the mysterious nature of this ancient wonder and take in the beautiful scenery while you relax.

PovertyPoint World Heritage Site, located in the northeast corner of Louisiana, is just an hour’s drive from Monroe and Shreveport.




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