Lion plays tug of war with tourist vehicle, video goes viral

A YouTube video of a lion playing “tug of war” with a tourist vehicle in South Africa has gone viral on social media.

The video, captured at the Baobab Ridge Game, was posted by Dogtooth Media and has been viewed thousands of times.

“These tour guides got more than they bargained for when they found themselves playing tug of war with a cheerful LION,” the caption says.

The clip sees the animal hugging the car’s tow rope and refusing to let go. He then falls from the mouth of the beast after sticking to a tree.

The lion remained steadfast despite the start of the vehicle’s movement. He was dragged a few meters and followed the vehicle with the rope in his mouth.

The commotion finally ended after the lion finally released the rope as a pack of lionesses strolled past the stage.

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Tour guide Jabulani Salinda, speaking with a foreign news agency, mentioned that the cat appeared to lead tourists through the area.

He said the hanging rope caught the lion’s attention as he pulled and clung to it.

Salinda added that tourists are worried because they believe the lion’s antics will bring him closer to them.

The guide said he calmed the tourists down and made the most of the moment instead.

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