Lightbridge Academy Launches New Center Management Software To Create A Richer Home / School Connection And Customer Experience

By reducing paperwork, automating administrative tasks and improving real-time communication, the revolutionary Lightbridge Journey app creates a richer customer experience.

ISELIN, New Jersey, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Lightbridge Academy, an early childhood education and child care franchise with more than 50 locations open in the Mid-Atlantic and 50 more under construction or in development, has announced the rollout of a new powerful center management tool, Lightbridge Journey, in all of its centers and parents by July 2021.

In research and development since 2018, Lightbridge Journey provides a single, consistent 360-degree point of contact for parents, staff and center managers. The result of this centralized resource is increased efficiency and reduced operating costs, giving more time to support families and educators and all in the circle of care.

Available on a phone, tablet, or the web, Lightbridge Journey was developed in collaboration with educational management software company MomentPath. In centers where it has been fully deployed and where administrators reported saving on average over 35 hours of administrator and teacher time per month and per center, freeing up almost an entire day per week to devote to teaching. relationship building that is at the heart of any successful Lightbridge Academy.

“The idea for the Lightbridge Journey app is based on this: if we can free managers and center staff from administrative work, we give them time to focus on the needs of children and parents,” said Benjamin blake, Chief Information Officer of Lightbridge Academy. “In addition, it improves the ability of center directors to meet the needs of teachers who deal directly with children. Time is the most precious commodity. By providing more, we allow directors to focus more on it. that creates the This is the most powerful aspect of the whole project. “

Transparency for parents

The Lightbridge Journey provides increased transparency for parents, providing a direct line of communication between parents and the center, quick access to resources such as ‘Peek of the Week’ lesson plan overviews and progress reports on their child’s development.

Plus, parents are never more than a click away from their child, as the app provides real-time snapshots of what’s happening with their kids through photos and videos of special moments and milestones. their children as they occur. The app also allows parents to have instant 24/7 access to their billing and accounts.

“The partnership with Lightbridge provides us with an incredible opportunity to continue our mission to change the way families and educators connect, one moment at a time. We pride ourselves on delivering the best classroom experience for teachers and parents through the Lightbridge Journey app, ”said MomentPath CEO, Caitlin coffman.

Improved home-school connection

The app doesn’t stop working when the kids leave the center, it works as the central hub to create a home-school connection. The app provides the ability to drop notes and send messages between parents and teachers while providing a central resource for reminders about necessary forms, documents and other important documents.

“Parents love it because they are now able to communicate directly with their child’s teachers,” said Blake. “The importance was even more evident as we moved through the COVID-19 pandemic. In many states, parents did not have the option of entering their day care center due to state restrictions. The app has helped to strengthen the parent-teacher connection as they can easily exchange messages, even if they are socially distant. The ability for parents to receive real-time notifications and see what their child is doing through photos or videos has created much needed peace of mind throughout the day. “

Efficiency for administrators

For administrators, Lightbridge Journey provides all-in-one planning, scheduling, billing, and even security in one central location, reducing paperwork and increasing classroom time with teachers. children and staff.

North Carolina Lightbridge Academy Franchise Owner Rebecca grovenstein says the app provides her with powerful planning tools as she runs her business. “The reports show us forecasts with billing and enrollments from one month to four months, and track our children’s attendance,” she said. “As owners, it helps us make purchasing decisions, employment and goal setting for the growth of the business.”

Technology manager of the Lightbridge Academy center Shannon kelly two children have graduated from the Lightbridge preschool program and currently have a two-year-old enrolled in one of the centers. It understands the value of the application both as a parent and as an administrator.

“The Lightbridge Journey app has been great for me because I can be in the office and go into the app and see, ‘Oh he’s taking a nap right now,’” she said. “I can stop by the grocery store now, rather than go to the center and wake him up from his nap.”
But she also saw the benefits for teachers. Previously, the preview of the “Weekly Preview” lesson plan required several steps to be able to send it to parents.

“Now it’s automatically generated as soon as teachers enter their lesson plans,” Kelly said. “This process alone saved the center over 30 hours per month. A small change that made a huge difference.”

About Lightbridge Academy®
Created in 1997, Guy and Julia Falzarano founded the company on the basis of core values ​​and a Circle of Care philosophy that equally values ​​the needs of children, their families, teachers, center owners and the community. Lightbridge Academy offers preschool education and child care for six-week-old kindergarteners, as well as special programming for children up to 10 years of age for a summer camp and a new distance learning program. for school-age children. The company franchised in 2011 to expand its distinctive concept throughout the Central Atlantic region; it currently has more than 119 open daycares, under construction or in development through Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, new York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.

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