LGBTQIA+ friendly tour operators in India for your next vacation

June is celebrated as Pride Month to honor and celebrate the lives of the LGBTQAI+ community. While the month is marked with marches, celebrations and educational talks, there’s another way to make it special – a holiday! With growing acceptance and understanding, Pink Tourism, which exclusively caters to the LGBTQ community, has found its footing in India.

Partner with these tour operators who provide a safe, fun and non-discriminatory travel experience to the queer community.

Pink Planet

With decades of experience under its belt, Delhi-based Planeta Rosa is an LGBTQ travel agency and tour operator that strives to tailor every trip to the needs of the traveler. From travel arrangements to attend a Pride event to personalized honeymoon packages for gay couples, Planeta Rosa’s team of dynamic young professionals build each itinerary to your preferences and provide end-to-end services for a hassle-free trip. hassle.

pink vibgyor

Offering guided and private queer tours since 2010, Pink Vibgyor is another queer-friendly and queer-friendly tour operator that ensures fun and adventurous travel for its travelers. They research every aspect of personalized vacation packages to ensure that they don’t just revolve around culture and history, but also bring you closer to the LGBTQ lifestyle and history of the place and people with disabilities. significant inclusions. Additionally, with a sympathetic understanding of same-sex weddings, Pink Vibgyor also offers clients single-destination wedding packages and takes care of all the logistics so you can have your special day.

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Indjapink is the first male/gay only travel agency in India. In order to provide the best services to couples, they select accommodations in selected destinations, taking great care to choose properties that achieve the perfect blend of authenticity, luxury and comfort. With Indjapink, you are assured of luxury and comfort, with services such as private vehicles, personal host, private expert guides, spa treatments and a 24/7 contact number for your convenience.

Pink getaways

Offering bespoke pink luxury, with Pink Escapes, traveler preferences come first. They appoint queer and queer friendly people as tour managers, while also offering independent travel itineraries. Pink Escapes also believes in giving back to the community, and partners with charities and contributes a portion of their earnings to support them. These local communities also feature in travel itineraries as immersive experiences for travelers. Promoting socially responsible tourism that strives to generate intercultural understanding, Pink Escapes is also “hetero-friendly”.

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