Kentucky Bourbon Boys bounce back from pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – After a tough year dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries are starting to bounce back.

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  • Bourbon trade is booming in Kentucky, starting to recover quickly from COVID-19 pandemic
  • Kentucky Bourbon Boys makes a comeback after the trials of a pandemic
  • Private, personalized tours are available at many Kentucky distilleries
  • Due to increasing popularity, bourbon tours are often booked months in advance

Kentucky Bourbon Boys is a family business based in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2016, the company has been organizing private and personalized tours of bourbon distilleries for its visitors. All of that changed when COVID-19 hit the Commonwealth.

“I didn’t tour during the pandemic due to health risks and so I just started over and I really like it and I like it,” said Tim Landers, Kentucky Bourbon Boys tour director. . “I really like it. Bourbon and I love people and that’s why I love making it.”

You can enjoy a glass of bourbon during a tour of the distillery. (Spectrum News 1 / Scott Neumann)

The Kentucky Bourbon Boys risked losing everything when the pandemic and closures ravaged the Bluegrass. Now that restrictions are easing and a full reopening date is set for June 11, COO Tim Hagan has said the bourbon boom is making a comeback.

“Of course COVID-19 hit everyone for a loop as we all know and we managed to hang on, barely and came back like gangbusters,” Hagan said. “We are setting records now every month and every week.”

Tours include visiting three distilleries plus tastings, lunch, free snacks, and water, plus pickup and drop-off at a location of your choice. For a couple from Miami, their tour involved visiting the Three Boys Farm Distillery in Frankfurt.

“All of my family love bourbon, all of my friends love bourbon so we wanted to stock up so we could make sure we had it for all of our parties this summer,” said Amy Dean.

Due to increased demand and expansion of distilleries, tours are booked months in advance.

“People don’t realize what is happening with the return of bourbon tourism which is coming back so quickly and so much at the same time that they think they can call us on a Tuesday and have a visit on Friday and we are now telling people to book 3 months in advance, ”Hagan said.

It’s a return of the Kentucky Bourbon Boys that is desperately needed after the ordeals of the pandemic. For more information on booking a bourbon tour, Click here.

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