Karnataka will soon be on the international tourism map: CM Basavaraj Bommai

Karnataka will soon be included in the international tourism map, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Wednesday, read a statement from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). Speaking at a reception organized within the framework of the publication of the (revised) tourism policy for the year 2020-26 and the distribution of incentives for registered tourist guides in the banquet hall of Vidhana Soudha , he said: “We need to increase the number of people visiting Karnataka from the current 30 lakh to one crore in the next three years. Tourist visitation has increased. More foreign tourists need to be attracted to give jobs to the locals. .

CM Bommai said that Karnataka has the best tourist spots which are ideal for promoting tourism. “Kalburagi and Bidar forts are fantastic. All of this is our property and there is a great possibility for tourism if these assets are enhanced. do the job of recognizing them,” he added.

The CM said the revenue, property and disability departments must work as a team with the tourism department. Existing tourist places will be fully utilized to promote tourism. The CM said that Saint Kanakadasa was born in Shiggaon taluk and that was also the karma bhumi of Saint Shishunala Sharif but these places are not developed. “Excavations by the Department of Archeology have uncovered a small palace. There is a Kanakadasaru fort and a palace. Efforts are being made to keep the saint alive by building a 4D studio and other measures. Now thousands people from other states visit these plazas every year,” he added.

Bommai said that Anand Singh, after becoming tourism minister, made new plans for tourism promotion. “Yaana Revival, Chikmagalur Ropeway and Hotels have been taken over. New tours are being formulated and Singh is playing a major role in this endeavor. Further improvements will be made in tourism with private and public participation in the coming days “, he added. He called on tour guides to work with dedication and honesty and never lie or mislead tourists.

“Tour guides in Karnataka should become number one and every tourist should speak their honesty while guiding visitors. The officials of the Department of Tourism should become active and make the best use of their ability to improve tourism.” “In fact, the hotel industry has a lot of opportunities in the tourism industry. Sigh has started the construction of three star hotels in Hampi, Badami and Belur. There is a lot of development and we must take advantage of them. young people must find jobs and Karnataka must become world famous,” he added.

The CM said that technology has brought changes in the tourism sector and this industry has been a priority in some countries around the world. “It is also growing in the country. Government and private sectors need to create good infrastructure for tourism development. Tourists expect good accommodation, good food and good services. More jobs are created through this industry. Karnataka is blessed with wonders like Hampi, Belur, Halebid, Golgumbaz and Jain Basadis created by kings.”

“By protecting these historical monuments, we can attract tourists,” he added. CM Bommai said that these architectural marvels should be presented to the people.

He pointed out that UNESCO has already identified Hampi as a World Heritage Center and that Belur and Halebid should soon be included in this list. “Badavi Caves and Ajanta Caves are old and important but tourists don’t know much about them,” he added.

Bommai said two tourist circuits are being developed. One is Belur, Halebid, Somanathapur and surrounding places and is called ‘Mysuru Circuit’, and another circuit includes Badami, Pattadakal and Hampi, and is called ‘Hampi Circuit’. “The plan is being prepared to bring these two tours to the international level. Visiting this website will give full information about these places and both tours are expected to operate within the next two months. The government has also granted importance to temple tourism. , nature tourism. Rupees 100 crore has been earmarked for the development of Jog Falls and Anjanadri Hill, and a 600-room tourist dormitory will be constructed. Since the Indian government granted a concession to the area coastal regulation for the development of coastal areas,” he concluded. (ANI)

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