House across from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Estate in Wisconsin for sale

The four-bedroom, approximately 3,250-square-foot home was built to be environmentally sustainable, with geothermal heating and cooling, a solar panel, and natural resource-conserving materials like glued laminated timber beams. The outbuildings of the property include a barn which, according to Daniel Marquardt, dates from the 1890s.

The Marquards lived in Oak Park and later in Streeterville during their professional careers, he as an executive in a structural engineering firm and she as editor-in-chief. They first visited the Driftless Zone, so called because glaciers didn’t drift over land and scrape it flat, in the mid-1980s.

They first built a small 450 square foot studio also designed by Wheeler Kearns, on a different plot in Spring Green, and later, when planning to move there full time, bought the farm that ‘they are now selling and have built the house. They no longer own the studio property.

The Marquardts, who have raised cows on the farm acreage, plan to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan to be close to their family.

Taliesin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with buildings that Wright designed between 1897 and 1959, is now owned by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and operated by Taliesin Preservation. Daniel Marquardt is a former president of the foundation.

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