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Google Doodle for Earth Day 2022

(Via Google homepage)

Google is known for using quirky and fun illustrations and animations to raise awareness on topics through its search engine homepage. On Earth Day 2022 on Friday, March 22, the new Google Doodle – a special, temporary logo modification – shines a light on arguably the most pressing issue of our time: climate change.

In order to capture the essence of Earth Day phenomena, Google decided to use actual images from Google Earth Timelapse and other sources to form chilling time-lapses of the climate change-induced transformation of four points different landmarks on our planet.

Among the films featured is a 36-year time-lapse of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, which illustrates how the mountain has lost significant amounts of ice at its summit.

Time-lapse of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

(via Google Earth)

It also features the deterioration of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in just three months, from March to May 2016. The brightly colored coral reef is a World Heritage Site and can be seen losing color and shrivelling to an unrecognizable state. The huge ecosystem is facing bleaching and destruction due to ocean acidification as a result of climate change.

The other time-lapses show a five-year loss of forest cover over the Harz forests in Germany as well as a disturbing visualization of retreating glaciers at Sermersooq in Greenland.

“Timelapse allows us to see our planet in a whole new dimension – and in time. Now everyone can witness almost four decades of planetary shifts,” says Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth.

The Google page further explains that urban populations have increased significantly in number over the past 35 years, as has their share of CO2 emissions.

To help people and local governments understand the mechanisms and impact in these areas, he prescribes the “Environmental Insights Explorer” – a tool that estimates emissions and suggests ways to reduce them for thousands of cities across the world, laying the foundations for effective climate action. .

Information related to the conservation of cities, forests and oceans is available on the website to help people become aware of the effects of climate change. Google further claims to be carbon neutral since 2007 and aims to be carbon free by 2030.


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