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Jaipur: The Department of Urban Development and Housing (UDH) has given instructions to prepare a draft development plan within a month for fear of losing the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site label for the walled city.
This decision was taken at the recent heritage committee meeting held under the chairmanship of GS Sandhu, adviser to the state government. The plan will be drawn up on the basis of the guidelines given by UNESCO.
The plan will be prepared to return the heritage form and property to their original form. There will be other plans including road width, land use, park, drainage system, sewage system.
Apart from this, a separate detailed plan will be prepared for the development of the chaukris. One official said: “A total of 1,500 havelis are marked heritage within the walled city. From this the detailed report of about 600 is prepared, but the work of the rest is pending. The deadline for this is also being set.
In addition, separate building regulations will be prepared for the walled city and the process will be expedited to notify the guidelines.
One official said the World Heritage Committee outlines six points, including setting up a heritage committee to oversee activities, assessing heritage before each project, preparing a detailed list of heritage structures and buildings , safeguarding the city from development pressures, declaring the area as ‘no construction’ and preparing a special zone heritage plan by 2021.
The walled city was classified as a Unesco site in 2019 with the commitment to preserve its cultural and architectural heritage. However, the heritage city continues to crumble despite being awarded the coveted label.
A senior official from the Planning Wing said: “We designed the policies taking into account all the points mentioned by the committee. But the implementing agencies are in a deep sleep. The review by the Unesco team was scheduled for December; however, it has been postponed due to the pandemic. If the encroachment continues, there would be a threat to Unesco’s label, in a manner similar to that of Ahmedabad. ”

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