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Students at Cromwell Middle School are part of the first term honor roll

CROMWELL – Cromwell Middle School has announced its first term honor roll. Students are listed by their last name first. Arroyo, Victoria Sophie; Avdimetaj, Elijesa; Bakayoko, Aden; Beyer, Keira Marie; Bhatt, Rudra; Billings, Devin; Brecks, Jack; Brightman, Jacob; Burdick, Benjamin; Burgess, Quinn; Campbell, Payton Elizabeth; Chanda, Aryan; Chiappalone, Alexandra Véronique; …

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How student loans can follow you to the grave

Dear Liz: Several years ago my daughter called in tears to ask if I could help because my granddaughter, who was halfway through her freshman year of college, would have to drop out if she didn’t finish immediately to pay his tuition. I agreed to co-sign a loan, thinking that …

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