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The public at Camden Haven donated over $2,000 to support underprivileged children in Myanmar (Burma).

Contributions were made by members of the public, the Kendall Op-Shop, the Kendall Community Center raffle sales and the sale of produce from Ian Oxenford and the Aung Mingala Farm of Tin Hta Nu in Kendall.

The funding was disbursed in November 2021 and was spent on foods such as rice, cooking oil, eggs, onions, garlic and lentils, medicinal needs such as cold tablets, Panadol , multivitamins and personal hygiene such as soap and detergents for washing clothes.

The Kendall-Kadaw Friendship High School for 160 students was built in 2009. The village is located in central Burma (now Myanmar) with 90% of the population as farming families.

As the need for secondary school is crucial, funds have been raised to build the school. From high school, five graduates are eligible to attend medical college and were therefore supported from 2009 to 2014.

Camden Haven has trained two dentists, two doctors and an optometrist, who now treat millions of people in parts of Myanmar.

More than 200 disadvantaged children from the slums of Rangoon (now Yangon) were supported between 2012 and 2014 to obtain school leaving certificates. They can enter the labor market as office workers, translators and tourist guides, which now allows them to live decently.

From 2015 until now, the public of Camden Haven has provided continuous support for the Thukhitayama Girls’ Orphanage. Traditionally, children without extended families are orphaned, with girls sent to convents and boys to monasteries.

Sixty orphaned girls have been taken in by a few elderly nuns and three widows who have no family support. For the past five years, Kendall Op-Shop has supported the girls’ education expenses (two girls in college, four girls in the local public high school, and the rest in elementary or preschool)

COVID-19 and the Omicron epidemic are spreading rapidly and the recent military coup is currently creating a chaotic situation in Myanmar. These conditions mean that local donors are reluctant to come out to support the orphanage.

However, the orphaned girls are saved from starvation with money sent from Camden Haven. With frugal consumption, the money sent will allow them to feed themselves for a few months.

Each morning at breakfast, the girls will send their kindness for the health and happiness of Camden Haven donors as a thank you.

Still on behalf of the orphanage, I would like to thank everyone who supported the cause. Thanks to the Kendall Op-Shop, the Kendall Community Center and the public of Camden Haven.

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