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Now, travelers visiting Gavi in ​​Pathanamthitta district can get a much better idea of ​​the verdant forests spread across this popular ecotourism hub of Kerala. Tourists can now take an enchanting boat ride set up by Kochu Pampa Ecotourism and top it all off with a sumptuous meal. Any travel junkie entering Gavi would have the golden opportunity to be in the lap of Mother Nature and see wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat.

The friendly boat ride on the tranquil Gavi Lake is conducted under the Kerala Forest Development Corporation (KFDC). As sailing has resumed after the COVID-19-induced hiatus, people are flocking to Gavi, says Manikandan, tour guide and lead rower.

The Kochu Pampa ecotourism center is located a few kilometers before reaching Gavi and the navigation services are managed under the watchful eyes of the Gavi division of the KFDC. Five rowed boats with a carrying capacity of five people each took tourists around the picturesque lake.

Lake Gavi is located downstream of the Kochu Pampa Dam, which is part of the Sabarigiri Hydroelectric Project. You can go canoeing for almost 30 minutes on the lake which stretches for almost 7 km. Navigation is safe because the lake is calm and everyone must wear life jackets. In addition to an entrance fee of Rs 20, the price of boating is Rs 100 per person.

Delicious food which also at affordable rates would be ready if you could notify the relevant authorities of your arrival. You can also take home meals as there is a large dining table in front of the tourist center as well as toilets.

Manikandan, the main rower at the Gavi ecotourism centre. Photo: Aby Kurian Panangad

The tourist center used to boast of coracle rides, but now the small round-shaped boats are idling on the banks after the tourist site was closed for many months following the rampant spread of the coronavirus. But now officials are planning to restart the coracle rides in the immediate future as Gavi’s tourist traffic increases.

It should be noted that mobile phone signals are quite weak at the ecotourism center, and all bookings are made by contacting tour guides. Guides will meet tourists at the entrance to the center and explain boating in detail. Previously, the tourist site had facilities for trekking and since there were only a few trekking enthusiasts, it was eventually abandoned.

Currently, KFDC authorities are developing comprehensive plans to attract tourists to the ecotourism center.

For boat reservations, contact: 8547809270, 9495284900.

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