ASI Hampi asked to nominate World Heritage status for Sannati Buddhist site

Efforts are underway to include the Buddhist site excavated in and around Sannati, on the banks of the Bhima at Chittapur taluk in the Kalaburagi district, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the additional director general said ( conservation and scientific preservation), Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, Janhwij Sharma.

A team of ASI officials, led by Mr. Sharma, visited the Buddhist site on Tuesday and asked the ASI Hampi Circle to submit a proposal to ASI, New Delhi, requesting heritage site status. world for nearly 2000 years – ancient Buddhist stupa and the first inscribed portrait of Emperor Asoka.

Asking officials from the Hampi Circle, ASI, to submit the proposal, Sharma said conservation work at the Sannati Buddhist site will resume by April 2022. ASI is not short of funds to undertake conservation work, he added.

The move came after a delegation led by Kalaburagi MP Umesh Jadhav met with Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Culture Arjun Ram Meghwal and ASI Director General, V. Vidyavathi in New Delhi and called for action to be taken for the conservation of the ancient site of A Buddhism that demands attention.

ASI excavations at Kanaganahalli near Sannati unearthed the remains of a large stupa, as well as a set of nearly 60 sculptures. Archaeological excavations have been carried out by the National Directorate of Archeology in Sannati and by ASI at the sites of Ranamandala and Kanaganahalli. The carvings and inscriptions found here are a testament to the region’s vibrant Buddhist art and culture and will help archaeologists in their research, Sharma said.

He said the excavations at Sannati have contributed to many Buddhist sculptures, including inscribed historical figures of Asoka and Satavahana kings and depictions of Jataka tales. The discovery of an edict of Asokan slab and his portrait is an important contribution to historical documents, he added.

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