Arts, etc. Thanks to the sponsors of the Art and House tour

By Martha Zink For The Island Connection

The board of directors and arts committees, etc. worked hard to prepare for the 2021 Art and House Tour and were saddened to cancel it due to COVID-19 concerns and precautions. There were so many young people on the islands of the sea that we intended to support with arts enrichment programs.

Therefore, we are deeply grateful that many of our sponsors have maintained their donations and many of our advertisers have graciously agreed to transfer their advertisements to the 2022 tour now scheduled for April 8, 2022.

Since companies are also highly recommended by members of the Arts etc, we urge everyone to use their services.

Buffington Homes, Thomas and Denzinger Architects, Coco Builders, Seamar Construction, Sifly Fine Custom Homes and Vintage Homes were among these companies. For in-home services, we would also like to thank Accurate Window Cleaning LLC, Botany Bay Landscaping, Frank Leigh Painting, Good Natured Gardening, John Griffiths Hardwood Flooring, Southern Exposure Painting and The Island Company. Interior Design Services Haute Design, Inc. and Red Element Design Studio continue to support our travel recipients.

As homeowners need to finance and insure their homes, we thank John L. Paul and Kristi M. Hutto of Anderson Associates and Pure Insurance, Robert Phelan of MDP Insurance and Taylor Agency Insurance. The financial institutions we would like to thank are private mortgage banker Wells Fargo, Dan Butts, and Lisa Quadrini of Wells Fargo Advisors.

The law firms Bradshaw & Company, Joye Law Firm as well as Buist Byars and Taylor, LLC have also been generous in their support.

Meadows Pool & Spa and Southeastern Systems can add elements to your home. Akers Ellis Real Estate and Rentals, Kiawah Island Real Estate and Pam Harrington Real Estate and Rentals have been loyal sponsors of our tours and are available to help you sell or rent your home.

There are also some retail establishments that we would like to thank: J. McLaughlin, RTW Charleston, Tidal Trails and Vincent Drug Store and Soda Fountain continued to advertise with us.

Thank you to everyone who will help us fund summer programs for the children of the Sea Islands. We look forward to a healthy and safe tour next year.

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