Amazon just quietly shut down this beloved feature today

Today, Amazon Prime members who own Kindle are probably noticing something different about their reading service. Amazon quietly closed its Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) service which enabled readers to borrow digital books. The service was slow phased out by Amazon the last few months: it has been more difficult to navigate on the main Amazon site; it is no longer listed as a key benefit of Amazon Prime subscription; and the books covered by the program have not been labeled as such, Screen Rant reports. But from today, January 4, 2021, it’s gone for good.

However, Amazon assured members that something new would appear instead of the service. Read on to get all the details, and for some other info you should know if you like shopping on Amazon, check out You could get banned from Amazon for doing this common thing.

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KOLL, a long-standing Kindle feature, first released in 2011, four years after the device’s launch. It essentially operated on the principle of the public library, providing a range of titles to be “borrowed” for free, with Amazon Prime members entitled to one free loan per month.

While current bestsellers were generally not listed in KOLL, there are many other beloved titles, like the set Harry potter series, have been uploaded to the library. KOLL has covered everything from how-to guides and books on learning musical instruments, to young adult novels and self-published genre novels. Members could read the book of their choice as many times as they wanted, for as long as they wanted, but only one title at a time. And for regular updates on Amazon and more, Subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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Amazon noted that although January 4 is the library’s closing date, “customers can continue to read books they have previously borrowed from KOLL.” And for some new books to look forward to this year, check out 21 things to look forward to in 2021.

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from amazon Top notch reading service, launched in 2016, will replace KOLL. The good news is that this will extend the original principle of KOLL and allow a similar “loan”, but up to 10 titles per month. Users simply need to return a book before downloading another.

The service is also available to non-Kindle owners who have downloaded the Kindle app on their iOS and Android devices.

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The Prime Reading Library has just over 1,000 titles. Users who wish to expand the range of what is available for borrowing can add the Kindle Unlimited or Audible audiobook service to their Amazon account. However, both come with additional monthly fees. And for more on the latest Amazon news, check out If you purchased this product for the home from Amazon, return it now.

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