A healthy diet, essential to the well-being of all

relationship between a Good nutrition and its effects on our health It’s not a new concept. Already Hippocrates, more than 20 centuries ago, had established relationship between diet and healthSuch current and important concepts, to which the biological process of nutrition should be related, as well as the importance of it. good education for healthy eating This has a positive impact on the individual and collective well-being of the entire population.

good or bad nutrition Affects immunity and the tendency to suffer from certain diseasesin the physical and mental development of people and even, if we have to measure it in economic terms, their degree of productivity at workIts impact is very present in chronic diseases with high prevalence in our society such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. Adequate nutrition should aim meet everyone’s needs Achieve or maintain good nutritional status and, therefore, good health. is about Find and establish the right nutritional routine Which strengthen the immune system and the well-being of the mind through a balanced diet.

To achieve this, it is necessary Achieve empowerment of the healthy and sick population As a process of health promotion and education, so that each person is able to develop and assimilate the knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow them to make decisions aimed at maintaining and/or or to improve their physical and physical health. Help to take responsibility. ,

role of nurses in this field of health because they have the scientific knowledge to assist, inform, train, educate, advise and train the community in the field of food, in addition to their strategic role, First link and strongest, closest and most direct point of contact With each person, regardless of their state of health and the place where this relationship has developed, whether in the socio-health sector or in the educational sphere.

In short, the WHO has just published a review of its “Guidelines on Self-Care Interventions for Health and Wellness”, in which it refers to terms directly related to nursing, such as For, Essential and fundamental health promotion It is based on interventions designed to benefit and protect people’s health and quality of life. of them, Promoting eating habits for a healthy lifeAn observation that our college echoed because of its importance.

So, starting from the basics, we must remember Importance of the nurse’s role in promotion and education This should start from early childhood. The school nurse, with a holistic vision of the student as a health professional and integrated into the school’s educational team, is a An appropriate figure to guarantee transversal and permanent training For health that is available to the community. As established by the Madrid Association of Nursing in Educational Centers (AIIMS), one of the functions of the school nurse is to educate the school community. learn healthy habitsAmong them, measuring and correcting feeding guidelines, as well, Training in the prevention of eating disorders,

In the medico-sanitary sector, the nurse has also Relevant role as a health educator, Already coming from primary care, the nurse is responsible for providing the care and knowledge necessary to ensure that people achieve the highest level of autonomy by improving their lifestyle, including their diet. both in primary care and in hospital and social health, including at home, Nurses in charge of assessing patient needs, protocol and follow-up taking into account their family, social, economic and cultural environment. What is included in the food in regards to their lifestyle, upbringing and culture.

One of the most sought after aspirations that we share in the world is get equity And that starts with a population that is healthy, empowered, and able to make appropriate choices for the sake of their own health. Good or bad dietary health is a leading indicator And this is one of the fundamental pillars to achieve this. In this scenario, the nurse has a lot to play as a professional from early childhood and throughout everyone’s life, in health education and in the development of nutritional care in healthcare settings. And it is in this sense that a society can be described as advanced and developed because a good education in food translates into an adequate quality of life. Distinction between “living” and “healthy living”,

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