8 Must-Do Activities in Positano, Italy

Located off the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a popular tourist spot famous for its incredibly hanging villages. Although many towns along the coast have similar structures, none of them match the epic views of Positano.

Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, there’s plenty more vacationers can do on the Amalfi Coast. Here are some thrilling activities not to be missed in Positano, Italy.

Walk around the city

Popularly known as the city of walking, hiking is among the key activities not to be missed in Positano, Italy. Thanks to the general relief of the city, the roads wind here all around the mountain. The winding nature of the streets easily attracts vacationers and the experience is worth it. The Path of the Gods is a common hiking trail in this part of the world. Stretching for around seven kilometres, holidaymakers are treated to epic scenery of the coast of Positano and beyond.

Boat ride

The boat ride is one of the most underrated yet fun times that every adventurer should aspire to. Since Positano is located on the larger Amalfi Coast, adventures are catered to with a 50km boat ride. Although boat rides are nothing new, the Positano experience is unique in many ways. With rough waves in the sea, vacationers have a pleasant nervous ride. At the end of it all, it will be worth every penny, thanks to the adrenaline rush triggered by the 50 kilometer journey.

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Nautical sports

Vacations offer people the best chance to break those dead joints, and one way to do that on the Positano coast is to actively engage in water sports. A popular activity on this coast is kayaking. They can be exciting, especially if made with a target site in mind. Always be in contact with tour guides to be guided to safe areas where wildlife attacks are rare. Swimming competitions along the coastline are also a great way to spend your vacation in Italy. Fully flex those muscles in anticipation of the next phase of hustling and saving for the upcoming vacation.


Just as it happens in most parts of the world, scooter riding is one of the key activities not to be missed in Positano, Italy. The narrow condition of most Positano roads can be a hindrance, but that doesn’t mean riding a scooter is missed. As well as being a cheaper way to get around, it’s also a convenient approach to exploring the cliffs. The adrenaline rush of riding a scooter on a spiral road makes the whole Positano experience better.

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Vlogging and blogging have recently become goldmines for many people which has brought in more traffic. Standing out in an already cluttered space requires creativity and uniqueness. Positano presents a good experience for vloggers and bloggers to start their career. The breathtaking views in the background will easily attract viewers who will camp in the inbox section to inquire about the place. Tour operators will also want a piece of these trending vlogs, making it an easy way to earn money. Even those who do it for fun have a better chance of upping their game and having great portraits for their photo album.

Italian cuisine tasting

The food presents an unbeatable way to interact with a particular culture, and the Italian setting is no different. Italians have fascinating food choices, most of which have been preserved from the era. Most of the world’s specialties, such as pizza and pasta, originated in Italy, and a visit to Positano offers the best chance to taste them firsthand.

Positano pasta tastes different from other parts of the world, mainly due to the preparation procedures. Pizza lovers also have something to smile about. Whether crusty or soggy, Italian pizza is a vibe every vacationer must try. Only in Positano is one piece never enough. Apart from food, Italy is also home to various brands of wine. Sipping wine on a stomach full of lasagna or pizza crust automatically ignites the digestive process. A nap hits differently after such a combination.

Discover Positano’s incredible nightlife

Although not a common practice among conservatives, partying the night away is among the top activities not to be missed in Positano, Italy. The vibrant and bustling nature of the city during the day only sucks in its nightlife. Are the clubs around Positano only made to look like caves, or are they real caves? The only way to check this aspect is to pay them a visit, and one thing to be sure of is that the experience will be worth every second.

Observing ocean landscapes

In what way is the observation of the sea even an activity in which to participate? Strange as it may seem, sea watching is an interesting activity in the Positano area that no vacationer should miss. Tourists are treated to stunning ocean views from up there on the cliffs. From cruise ships to speedboats, there is so much for adventures to explore in this beautiful city. Even better, barriers are set up around strategic viewpoints, which means vacationers only have one job; to enjoy the beautiful serenity of Positano.

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