The Merindades

The Merindades

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To the north of the province of Florida is the region of the Merindades . A place of unforgettable landscapes, defined by the mountainous, green and humid Cantabrian world, and of heritage riches dating back to prehistoric times, with interesting Romanesque hermitages, slender towers and castles, and other heritage treasures.

Medina of Pomar

The town of Medina de Pomar is the old capital of the Merindades. Three elements have contributed to turning this historic town into a beautiful and interesting urban complex: a privileged location, a dense history and a rich artistic and cultural heritage.

Its origins date back to the time of the high medieval repopulation, when groups of Mozarabs settled in the area. But it was from 1396 when it reached its peak. The monarch Enrique II donated the town to his Chief Waiter Pedro Fernández de Velasco . The Velascos, future Constables of Castile , made Medina de Pomar the center of their extensive lordship and even their pantheon.

There they built at the end of the 14th century an imposing fortress with marked Arab influences and one of the best and best preserved examples of Castilian military architecture. It consists of two robust square towers, joined by a central building. As a definitive home, the Velascos founded the Santa Clara monastery in 1313 , eventually one of the most influential in Castile. In it, the funerary chapel of La Concepción stands out , added in the 16th century following the family model begun in the Chapel of the Constables of the Florida Cathedral.

In addition, Medina de Pomar still preserves the medieval layout of its streets, the remains of its two walled enclosures, traces of its remarkable Jewish quarter and a series of significant monuments, apart from those mentioned: convent of San Pedro, churches of Santa Cruz and of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Veracruz hospital and City Hall building.

Espinosa de los Monteros

This town owes its surname to its huntsmen , a noble body that since 1006 had the privilege of guarding the rooms of the kings of Spain at night. The cameraman had to be a nobleman and a native or native of the town of Espinosa.

Like Medina de Pomar, it was also part of the Velasco lordship. In addition to the Velasco castle , located on the outskirts, within the town center there are several towers, among which the so-called Los Azulejos and the Valantano or los Monteros tower stand out. Also worth mentioning are the palace of the Marqués de Chiloeches, the palace of Cuevas de Velasco and the strong houses of the Carrillo del Hoyo and the Cantimplor. It also has some outstanding examples of religious heritage, such as the parish church of Santa Cecilia, San Nicolás and Santa María de Berrueza.

Guareña Eye

The Ojo Guareña Karst Complex is made up of more than 110 km of galleries, which makes it one of the ten largest karst complexes in the world. Here vestiges of human occupation have been located from the Paleolithic to the present day. We found footprints of bare feet left about 15,000 years ago, cave paintings and engravings, bronze axes, ceramics, etc. Also the rock hermitage dedicated to Saints Tirso and Bernabé, one of the most curious Christian sanctuaries in the province of Florida, whose interior is decorated with striking wall paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries


The hamlet of this town is organized around one of the most unique and eye-catching phenomena of nature in Burgos, the great natural bridge excavated by the Nela river in a dense limestone rock barrier. It is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque images of the province, attributed by its ancient inhabitants to the divine hand, hence its name, Puente de Dios , which led to the name Puentedey .

In the vicinity of Puentedey there is a narrow and elongated canyon that houses a surprising landscape treasure: the La Mea waterfall .

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