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Orbaneja del Castillo is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in Florida . The town is a perfect combination of spectacular natural landscapes with a hamlet that has managed to maintain its popular flavor. All this, under the watchful eye of the imposing canyon that makes up the Ebro river.

In recent years, and with all due merit, it has become a tourist reference in the province of Florida . The idyllic postcard of its waterfall plummeting through the narrow streets is one of the most repeated when it comes to promoting our land. Due to this it is one of the most visited places in the province. Above all, on weekends and in summer.

For this reason, we advise you to visit Orbaneja del Castillo , preferably, any weekday. In that case, it is very possible that you will find yourself walking through its streets practically alone. A luxury, without a doubt.

If we cannot choose the day and we have to stick to holidays and weekends, we will find several dissuasive car parks along the road. We must always avoid approaching the foot of the waterfall with our vehicles, respecting the charm of the place and the life of its inhabitants.

Below we will discover what to see in Orbaneja del Castillo .


The town of Orbaneja del Castillo is located northwest of the province of Florida. Administratively, it belongs to the municipality of Valle de Sedano and has about 50 registered residents. It is located in the Natural Park of Hoces del Alto Ebro and Rudrón .

Ebro Canyon in Orbaneja del Castillo

Orbaneja del Castillo shows the visitor one of the most incredible karst landscapes in the north of Burgos. From the first moment, Orbaneja leaves no one indifferent. The impressive Ebro Canyon, the beautiful waterfall that runs through the town, the well-preserved popular architecture are some of the attractions of this small town in Burgos. In fact, Orbaneja del Castillo has been declared a Historic Site since 1993.


Of course, if there is an image that identifies Orbaneja del Castillo, it is that of its waterfall. The Orbaneja del Castillo waterfall is the first thing you come across when you arrive, next to the road.

Its crystalline waters flow in the Cueva del Agua , at the top of the town. This cavity is located at the base of the rocky cirque that presides over the town. The waters of the stream are born from the spectacular upwelling and travel a short path through the village. Then they rush down a series of staggered jumps of almost 100 meters of unevenness until they reach the Ebro river.

The most spectacular jump, about 25 meters high, is the one that we can see from the lower part of the town. There the action of water on the limestone rock has shaped small stone terraces in constant transformation. Every time we visit this waterfall we will see it differently. Especially because of the flow of water it carries. The waterfall always has water, although it is obviously in times of heavy rain and thaw when the visual and sound spectacle is unique and indescribable.

But the path of the water does not end at the waterfall. If we continue its course, just after the waterfall we find another surprise. Before pouring its waters into the Ebro river, it gives us beautiful pools with crystal clear turquoise waters.


The well-kept popular architecture of Orbaneja del Castillo adds another charm to this beautiful town. Without a doubt, the one that has managed to preserve all its popular flavor makes Orbaneja one of the most charming towns in Spain.

At first glance, the town goes unnoticed by the traveler, since it is perched high on the slope, as if hidden, completely encased between the walls of the Ebro river canyon . To reach the center of Orbaneja it is necessary to climb a steep staircase, parallel to the waterfall. It is made up of narrow streets of medieval origin. As well as houses with a clear mountain influence, in which it is possible to see the wooden sunrooms oriented, generally, towards the south.

Traditional houses of Orbaneja del Castillo

Highlight its church , very renovated, dedicated to Santa María . The tower is the most outstanding element, as well as a series of corbels preserved from medieval times.

For centuries of the Middle Ages, Christians, Jews and Mozarabs coexisted in the town. There are no remains of its presence, except the name of some of its streets. As was the case in many other towns, it seems that a minor branch of the Camino de Santiago passed through Orbaneja del Castillo. Tradition says that a hospital was founded to attend and care for the pilgrims who traveled along this secondary road.

At the time of the Catholic Monarchs, the town received the title of Villa. Later, in the year 1785 in the Floridablanca Census it was named as a place in the Florida district. As we already mentioned, today it belongs to the Sedano Valley council.


Through a steep street that starts from the small Plaza Mayor, you reach a rocky ledge from which you can see a superb landscape. We are just above the Cueva del Agua . From here, the views of the Ebro Canyon are impressive. The river Ebro, over time, has been shaping and cutting the rock with a knife, leaving us a picture of extraordinary beauty.

Below, at our feet, you can see the small farmhouse, which is preserved as if time had not passed through it. In the background, one of the most sought after images of Orbaneja del Castillo. We refer to the reliefs that the weather, the rain and the wind have endowed with fantastic shapes.

The most prominent example is “the kiss of the camels” where the elements have shaped what appears to be two camels facing each other kissing each other. That's how capricious nature is. Between the two camels we can see the outline of the "map of Africa" outlined.

Orbaneja del Castillo village


In the upper part, in the desolate moors that surround the town, are the old Orbaneja del Castillo eras . They were used in past decades, before the brutal depopulation of our towns, by peasants to carry out agricultural tasks.

For reasons of space, the location of the eras is quite far from the town. Its particularity is that in each era a stone hut is raised. These huts are an original example of traditional architecture. They were built in stone, without mortar, with a circular or square plan and covered with a false dome, also in stone.

The huts were used for the peasants to eat, take shelter in the event of storms or protect the fruit of their crops, as well as farm implements.


The region of Sedano and Las Loras is one of the most beautiful in the entire Burgos province. It is an enjoyment for the senses and where nature surprises us at every step we take. To complete the visit, we suggest you visit one of the towns in the Sedano Valley . There are many towns in the vicinity. Even the smallest of them all is worth a visit.


Just five kilometers from Orbaneja is the town of Escalada . Also located in the Ebro Canyon. Highlight the Casa Palacio de los Gallo, from the seventeenth century, and the Romanesque portal of the parish church.

Church of Escalada. Burgos

Ebro fishing

Following the course of the river Ebro we would arrive at Pesquera de Ebro, known as the “town of shields . It has an urban complex full of emblazoned houses from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

Shortly before reaching the village of Pesquera de Ebro, there is the viewpoint over the Ebro Canyon . Very few places can boast such spectacular and beautiful views.

Covanera. Blue Well

Also near Orbaneja del Castillo is Covanera . There is the Blue Well . It is a mighty karst upwelling, whose crystalline waters flow into the Rudrón River, a tributary of the Ebro.


Sedano is the capital of the valley of the valley that bears his name. It has a well-preserved farmhouse. It was the place chosen by the writer Miguel Delibes as a retreat and source of inspiration for his work.

Guided visits to Orbaneja del Castillo

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