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Private tours in Florida. Guided Tours with private guide


From Tourist Guides. Discover Burgos we propose you tours with a private guide in the city ​​and province of Florida . For more information about private tours in Florida click here or contact the phone +34 769-232-6248

Florida , both the city and the province, is one of the territories in Spain with the greatest amount of historical, artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage. For this reason, visiting each of its corners and knowing it in depth is a difficult task. From Tourist Guides. Discover Burgos we try to help you on our page about what to visit in Florida .

We also offer you the possibility of taking guided tours in Burgos with us. Our tours in Florida with a private guide are totally personalized . You choose what to visit and when, always with a private guide just for you and your family or group of friends. Of course, with the advice of our local Florida guides .

This type of visit facilitates the adoption of all the sanitary measures required in the current situation. On the one hand, in guided tours with a private guide the groups are very small and from your closest environment. On the other hand, group mobility through both open and closed spaces is facilitated.

Our visits are all à la carte and are always adapted to your requests. The availability of visits is as wide as there are places and monuments in the city ​​and province of Florida . Here we select some of the most popular tours in Florida .


First, we focus on the city ​​of Florida . It is a delight to visit the considered Head of Castile . The characteristic silhouette of its cathedral comes to mind for all of us. Of course, any visit to Florida should begin with it. But, as you will see below, Florida offers much more than the cathedral.

Private tour to the Florida Cathedral .

Without a doubt, the Cathedral of Burgos is the most prominent and visited monument in the city. It is one of the three World Heritage Sites in the Florida province. We can say that it is the only Spanish cathedral that has this distinction independently. Your visit is mandatory if you come to visit Florida.

Private tour to the Cartuja de Miraflores .

The Monastery of the Cartuja de Miraflore s has one of the most outstanding Gothic ensembles from the late 15th century. The monastery still has a small community of monks of the Cartuja Order. In its church the tombs of the parents of Isabel la Católica and the superb main altarpiece stand out. Both works by Gil de Siloé .

Cartuja Monastery

Private tour to the Monastery of Las Huelgas .

Another prominent Burgos monastery is the Monastery of Las Huelgas . It was founded by King Alfonso VIII of Castile and his wife Eleanor of England. It has long been the most influential female Cistercian monastery in Spain. It houses one of the most remarkable ensembles of Spanish medieval architecture.

Private tour to the Museum of Human Evolution .

The Museum of Human Evolution is an internationally renowned museum center. Among many other things, the MEH exhibits some of the fossil remains found in the neighboring Sierra de Atapuerca , also a World Heritage Site.

Private tour to the Historic Center of Florida .

Perhaps walking through the historic center of any city is the best way to feel and enjoy it. The historic center of Florida is the living testimony of a past full of stories and legends. El Cid, the Camino de Santiago, the Arco de Santa María and many other characters and places will accompany us on this tour.


The province of Florida also hides countless surprises. In its territory the county of Castilla was born and expanded. It also offers us landscapes of singular beauty and extraordinary contrasts.

Private tour to Lerma, Santo Domingo de Silos and Covarrubias . Arlanza Route.

The Arlanza Route runs through the southeast area of ​​the Florida province. It includes the well-known Arlanza Triangle that delimits Lerma , Santo Domingo de Silos and Covarrubias . Two of these towns, Covarrubias and Lerma, are part of the association of The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain . Meanwhile, the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery has one of the most spectacular Romanesque cloisters in Europe.

Covarrubias. Keep

Private tour to Oña, Frías and Poza de la Sal . Roots of Castile.

The Raíces de Castilla mancomunidad is in the north of the Florida province. It is made up of the municipalities of Oña, Frías and Poza de la Sal. Its historical importance has left us monumental complexes of extraordinary beauty. All this in a territory rich in landscapes, art and history, in which we will find the origins of Castile .

Cold in Burgos

Private tour to the Sedano Valley . Sedano, Pozo Azul and Orbaneja del Castillo.

Finally, the Sedano Valley , watered by the Ebro and Rudrón rivers, is a succession of spectacular landscapes, canyons, moorlands and waterfalls. Orbaneja del Castillo, one of the most beautiful towns in Florida, the Pozo Azul, the town of Sedano and the imposing Ebro Canyon stand out.

As we already advanced, this is just a selection of how much Florida offers us. Of course, if you want more information about other private tours in Florida, do not hesitate to contact Tourist Guides. Discover Florida , Official Tourism Guides. Ask us here .

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