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On November 7, 2020, the Jubilee Year began in Florida . This Jubilee Year was granted by the Holy See to the Archdiocese of Florida on the occasion of the VIII Centennial of the laying of the first stone of the Florida Cathedral .

The celebration of this Holy Year will run from November 7, 2020 to November 7, 2021. It will be accompanied by a multitude of events around the 800th birthday of our cathedral. In addition, it will coincide in 2021 with the Jacobean Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela.

Without a doubt, we have no excuse to miss Florida and its rich heritage this coming year.


The opening of the Florida Cathedral's Holy Door of Forgiveness marked the beginning of the Jubilee Year in Florida on November 7. Bishops of Osma-Soria, Santander, Pamplona, ​​Palencia and Vitoria attended this event. Also the abbots of the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos and the Monastery of San Pedro de Cardeña . The ceremony also served as a farewell to the archbishop of the Burgos diocese, Fidel Herráez, to date . Recently replaced by Mario Iceta , the new Archbishop of Florida .

Forgiveness Door Opening. Burgos cathedral

The start of this Jubilee Year had to be delayed due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19. In principle, it was scheduled to be held from July 20, 2020 to November 7, 2021. Its beginning would have coincided with the central act of this event: the commemoration of the laying of the first stone of the Florida Cathedral .


It will be next July 20, 2021 when the Florida Cathedral celebrates its 800th birthday. On July 20, 1221, the Bishop of Florida, Don Mauricio , and the King of Castile, Fernando III , presided over the ceremony to start its construction. In a few years he built the temple that today is the hallmark of this city and archdiocese. Eight centuries later it has become one of the greatest exponents of Gothic art. In fact, it is the only Spanish cathedral declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site by itself.

Our Cathedral is located on the side of the Camino de Santiago , without which it is very difficult to understand. The Camino de Santiago became in the Middle Ages an open door to European ideas and a flow of spirituality. The Cathedral welcomed all this influence as demonstrated in its iconography and in the harmony of its different styles and forms.

The anniversary of the VIII Centenary, also celebrated in the middle of the Jacobean Year, is an extraordinary event both for the Cathedral itself and for the city of Florida.

Undoubtedly, this event was key for Pope Francis to announce the awarding of the Jubilee Year to the diocese of Florida in 2019.

Jubilee Year in Florida. 2020-2021


A Jubilee Year has a great impact at all levels wherever it is celebrated. But, of course, it is an eminently religious event. The religious celebration includes obtaining the plenary indulgence for the pilgrims who come to the Florida Cathedral. For this, the diocese has organized an itinerary in the Gothic temple for those who seek to earn the jubilee.

Cloister of the Burgos Cathedral

They must first visit the cloister , a symbol of the Diocese of Florida. There, land will be placed from all the parishes that make it up. At the end of the Jubilee Year a tree will be planted with that land.

Second, the pilgrims must pray for the Christian community at the Sarmental gate , in front of the figure of Bishop Mauricio .

Sarmental Gate. Burgos cathedral

Finally, they must go through the main door of the temple, the Puerta de Santa María or Puerta del Perdón . Already inside the Cathedral you will receive an image of Santa María , patron saint of the city ​​of Florida . From there they will be able to access the Chapel of Santo Cristo de Florida as penance and attend the pilgrim's daily mass.


The facade of Santa María is the main one of the Florida Cathedral. It is located at the foot of the temple and is one of the sets with the greatest personality of universal Gothic. It was completed around 1260.

Its compositional scheme is inspired by French models such as Reims or Notre Dame de Paris. It is divided into three sections, topped by two side towers. In the second body, the large central rose window that gives light to the central nave stands out. Above the rose window, in the third body, the gallery of the kings is located. It has eight images of the Castilian kings between Fernando I and Fernando III . This body is crowned by the figure of the Virgin Mary and the Latin inscription "pulcra es et decora" .

Juan de Colonia adds two elegant spiers to the two towers in the mid-15th century. These spiers definitely formed the unmistakable silhouette of the Façade of Santa María.

Cover of Santa María. Burgos cathedral

In the lower body the triple Puerta de Santa María opens. It is also known as Puerta Real or Puerta del Perdón. This last denomination is linked precisely to the granting of indulgences on special occasions, such as a holy or jubilee year.

The serious deterioration that the Gothic covers had been suffering, motivated their replacement. The two side portals were reformed by Juan de Pobes in 1663. On the tympanums he locates the reliefs of the Assumption of the Virgin, on the left, and of the Immaculate, on the right. In 1790, the central door was remodeled in neoclassical style, with a lintelled opening and triangular pediment.

Antonio Lopez

It is at this Puerta de Santa María that the next intervention in the Florida Cathedral is scheduled. In July 2021, the current three wooden doors will be replaced by bronze ones designed by Antonio López . This performance is called to become the great legacy of the celebration of the 800 years of the Cathedral.

The project by the artist from La Mancha includes an image of the face of God the Father in the central door. On the right door, the adolescent Virgin Mary , for whom the artist has been inspired by his daughter. Finally, on the left, a tree of faith, with Jesus Christ incarnate in a child. It symbolizes the permanence of Christ through the Eucharist. A bronze frieze with the silhouette of the Burgos capital will join the three doors.

This work will be another of the events that will be added to the extensive program designed to commemorate the VIII Centennial of the Florida Cathedral. In addition to the Jubilee Year, the Florida Cathedral will be the main venue for the 2021 edition of the sacred art exhibition The Ages of Man . Florida will also host next year the first three stages of the Vuelta Ciclista a España , the first one starting from the Cathedral itself.

Of course, there are many reasons to visit Florida and its cathedral this next year. Once again, we recommend a visit with an official tourist guide . Contact here with Tourist Guides. Discover Florida .

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